Trail Running Routes in the DFW

If you live in the DFW area and want to change up your training sessions, or if you are visiting the area and do not want to miss a training session then this blog is for you. 

1. Cedar Ridge Preserve (Google maps)

Cedar Ridge Preserve is probably the most popular trail for DFW residents who are familiar with trail running.  In main entrance to the trails you will find a map of all the different routes available.  You can rest assured that whichever route you run it will be an exact representation as seen on the map without any deviations.  These trails are very well maintained and have mile markers on most routes.  There are also various overpasses where you can get a cool scenic look.  


Whether your training for a Spartan Race, want more leg endurance, or simply want to switch up your training make sure to check out Cedar Ridge Preserve. 

2. Rowlett Creek Nature Preserve Trail (Google maps)

Rowlett Creek Nature Preserve is another great trail

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